Ups and downs in Jenius poker

How can you deal with them without losing your bankroll?

If you have recently come to the world of online poker, you definitely still don’t care about such things with awesome names like down streak and up streak. However, as the time passes and as you gain skills, Jenius poker players who have learned to play will certainly encounter this kind of phenomenon. For general information – it is customary to frighten the downstream, but the upstream, on the contrary, are happy and these concepts are very enthusiastically discussed on forums.

The essence of concepts

Let’s start from the beginning. “Up streak” means a lucky streak, but such a concept as “Down streak ” is absolutely the opposite and means a “black streak ” – a long series of failures. Remember that if you won in the last hand, but lost in this one, it will not be considered an upstream and down streak, respectively, because these terms only cover long, protracted periods. These are chronic luck or chronic bad luck that cannot be logically explained.

Up streak

Upstream – we not only earn a lot, but also increase the bankroll, as well as move to higher limits. However, we must not forget about the existing danger – do not lose your mind and remember that you need to continue to improve your own skills and work on yourself.

How do I keep my composure and bankroll?

The main danger of down streak lies primarily in the psychological pressure. If your bankroll literally began to disappear in front of you, then, you will agree, it is easy to get discouraged. You are not the first and you are not the last – you will definitely not be able to find any sequences or mathematical explanations for what is happening.

By its nature, a down streak can easily lead to a tilt. When you think that another limit will definitely help you to win and when you want to bet a round sum, which will return all the former costs a hundredfold in case of winning – all that can easily lead to losing serious amount money (most often this happens when you hold bad cards and your strategy is grounded only in vague confidence).

down streak

We recommend that anyone who has encountered down streak use the following tips:

• First of all, you should know that down streak is not a punishment. Every pro has faced it and most of them have coped with it very successfully, you will also cope with it.

•  Remember that down streak is an inexplicable phenomenon, so try to adjust your strategy is not worth it, analyze your own mistakes after each of the tournaments and no more, do not try to repeat them. In this case, your main enemy is tilt-emotions are simply unacceptable, you should be sensible.

•   Discipline is also very important to you. Keep in mind that raising your limits in the event of such a difficult situation in your poker career is unacceptable – you will spend significantly more than you could have ever imagined. Also, do not play more hands to harm yourself – do not try to get more than you are able to, trying to win back by any means.

• The best remedy for down streak is to take a break from the game. Try to give up poker dewa for just 2-3 days, chat with friends, do what you love, relax, walk and travel – then you will be able to return to poker refreshed with new strength, ready to cope with the down streak. You must be confident in your abilities (but without fanaticism) and so you will definitely be able to overcome any problems and turn into a professional who is able tPosted in Jenius poker