Situs poker online and charity goals go hand in hand

We are so used to the fact that all gambling relates to bandits, showdowns and cheating. We don’t notice it at all. When it comes to helping loved ones or those in need. People who take part in the fate of others do not suffer from indifference. They are open-hearted and understanding.

For example, the journal Psychology today described the condition of a person who offered a helping hand: “dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin are the hormones of joy. Helping others, we take care of ourselves, giving a sense of pleasure not only to sufferers, but also a sense of satisfaction with life.”

By providing friendly support, the player receives:

* gratitude,

* smiles

* hugs of all those who help people in need.

Charity as the meaning of life

Professions aimed at helping others bring self-satisfaction. Playing only to achieve your goals brings nothing but narcissism. Such people quickly lose interest, they are not happy with the winnings and earned reputations. There is only one way out of the state of passive joy – to share the joy with others.


Giving part of the money won to charity, the situs poker online player feels that they are in need. They are satisfied not only with the game, but also with the correct distribution of their income.

This distribution of cash flow opens up all opportunities to make up for lost money, winning the next time a larger amount of money. This is how the law of energy replenishment works: we give to get the lost part back.

Charitable foundations

Any player can donate the part that they consider necessary for the fund. No one will judge you or make you give away all your winnings. Only the poker player chooses who they want to support:

* animals

* children.

The elderly, the sick, or socially not protected citizens. Any query on the Internet will highlight a huge list of charitable foundations and they all need support. It’s just a matter of choosing the right organization and contacting it.

PokerStars Shop

One of the largest networks, created in 2001, a thousand employees help players distribute their winnings in funds supported by PokerStars. If you want to do this, simply select the organization in your personal account and specify the donation amount. The PokerStars team will do the rest.

Games for charity

Hundreds and thousands of games were held for the purpose of providing charitable assistance. One of the biggest winners was Antonio Esfandiari, who took just over $ 18 million with the support of “One Drop”.

At the same time, the cost of the “entrance ticket” was more than 1 million, where 90% went to the game, and 10% were the charity fund. At such high rates, it becomes possible to help more than one thousand people. For example, 2014 was held under the auspices of the aid, where the supply of drinking water to Africa and India was at stake. Such tournaments are now held annually, where the buy-in is 1,111 euros at the WSOP.

charity games

There are tournament organizers who give the whole breakdown of buy-ins to charity. Participation gives special emotions, the atmosphere is friendly, the whole action resembles a fairy tale. The game is not for money, but for help. Famous poker 389 players like taking part in these tournaments, the winning for them will be enjoyable, fulfilling memorable souvenirs.

Figure out for yourself what percentage of the buy-ins will go to the game, and what percentage will go to the fund. Perhaps you are ready to donate 100% to help those in need. Having such an approach, players can easily support your initiative and help those who need it.