Top Raja poker rooms: what should you focus on when choosing countries where poker is allowed?

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Countries where online poker is legalized and banned. What should you rely on when choosing a poker room and where are the best of them located? Is a license required to organize online poker activities?

Each state is somehow related to poker. The goal of the Login Casino team is to understand how these countries control online poker, so that a person can decide which poker room is the most suitable for them.


A raja poker room is a virtual room where gamblers from all over the world gather. This is an analog of poker houses, however, the online version has more tables for playing and dealers. Each room can’t do without the following elements:

1. Web portal. It displays the necessary information about the poker room, where you can download the client to start the game.

2. Server. It is required so that players can communicate with each other, and also handles the gameplay.

3. The client user. It is necessary for the player to connect to the server from a PC or smartphone.

How do I know which room is the best? You need to focus on the following criteria:

• rake back rate as a percentage;

• the convenience of the software;

•  functioning of HUD and trackers;

• support service;

• a short-term withdrawal of money;

•  affiliate indicators.

Where is the best poker room?

In countries where gambling is not prohibited, one important condition is that official representatives of gambling companies must have a license to provide services online. Otherwise, the site will be blocked. These countries include Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Great Britain, Denmark, Latvia, Bulgaria, Malta and Estonia. Their residents have the opportunity to play at resident venues both inside and outside the country.



In some countries, there is a closed system called “reservation” where you can play poker. It provides for the preservation of finances in a fixed area. Compared to international poker rooms, reservations require a high rake.


It’s all the fault of taxation. The most important reservations are located in Spain, Portugal, Serbia and Finland. They are also available in Italy, India, and France. According to the law in these countries, you can enjoy gambling online, but in local rooms. However, players bypass these restrictions and easily get access to the best poker cc rooms on the world level.

There is a license, but it is not fully observed

This category includes those States that have legal regulators. In other words, licensing is assumed here, but its compliance is not fully implemented. There are several reasons for this. The first is that access to the international pool is always available. The second reason is a fairly expensive license.

Even though the law on licensing is in force, no one buys it because of the high cost. At the same time, the government does not hunt those who decide to refuse legalization, and does not block their sites. The list of these countries includes: Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Netherlands, Sweden.

Gray area

This category includes those states that are not controlled by law, because they do not have a ban on gambling. However, some territories are actively discussing the introduction of certain restrictions on online poker. However, it is rather said than done now. In addition, users have long learned to bypass blocking.