SingaPoker and football: what do they have in common?

The stands shout, people jump up from their seats and sit down again. In poker, it is so important to observe the “face” and not give out any emotions, so that the opponent will not read the information from your face.

However, there is something that unites these different styles of games. This is business. Famous football players become casino brands for a while. Such deals are not new:

* some use the fame and popularity of others to promote their product.

* others perform this mission perfectly for a decent fee.

Having such an indicator, there are even entire teams that take part in promotions. For example, at the moment, half of the English Premier League team advertises gambling with their T – shirts during the game.

Sponsors of the English Premier League

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There are a lot of sponsors that you can see on the football field. These are also manufacturers of clothing and shoes. Everything is advertised. A review of such sponsors from the gambling industry are described below.


The beginning was put by Betfair, which combined the London “Fulham” and a gambling site in the season of 2002-2003. At the same time, the bet was very pleasant: the amount at stake was 1,200,000 pounds.

It is worth noting that the company registered in 1999 is famous not only for the betting exchange. It offers its clients casinos and poker, as well as issuing gambling licenses for a number of countries.

So, the collaboration with Fulham ended almost immediately. The team trailed behind everyone throughout the season, occupying the lowest rungs of the table. Al-Fayed drew attention to this, warning the manager of the football club that he did not intend to extend the contract with such a game.


During the 5 games that the players were on the field, the relegation was so close that football Manager Jean Tigane was asked to leave his post, giving way to the interim Chris Coleman. Thanks to a change in the management structure, Fulham knocks out their points, showing a result of ten out of fifteen and gets to 10 in the English Premier League table.

Spurs took the lead for a long time. So, they were brilliant in the games of 2005-6: the team flaunted for six months in the top four. Before the last tournament, the leaders of which they were, they were neck-and-neck with Arsenal, ahead of their rivals by one point. However, the fate decreed otherwise: several players suffered from an intestinal infection and it caused a loss in points and a loss to West Him.

Who is sponsoring the French clubs?

The main sponsor with enviable constancy and support is the French room Winamax, which supported as many as 4 teams in 2015 – 2016:

• Bordeaux;

• Nice;

• Marseille and Nantes.

Singapoker is not only a poker room, but their brand occupies a worthy recognizable place in poker circles. Bwin does not stand still, expanding its range not only in the vastness of online games, but also winning the shirts of the best teams in Europe.

Thanks to the correct policy of the owners of a well-known gambling brand and selected clubs, such as: Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, Marseille and Milan, poker lounge99 has become famous throughout the football world.

The teams received not only a fee from the gambling sponsor, but also brought victories with their performances. Milan captures the Champions League, World Cup and UEFA Super Cup. Football players have also won the League title twice, the Spanish Cup twice, and the King’s Cup once.