Poker odds

Knowing your odds and outs are basic knowledge for a poker player. Math is not everything in poker, but it helps to know what your odds are when you are drawing to something or believe that your opponent are drawing against you. The math helps you to take the right decisions at the poker table so study the information below and keep them in mind when you sit down at your favorite poker room.

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Ups and downs in Jenius poker

How can you deal with them without losing your bankroll?

If you have recently come to the world of online poker, you definitely still don’t care about such things with awesome names like down streak and up streak. However, as the time passes and as you gain skills, Jenius poker players who have learned to play will certainly encounter this kind of phenomenon. For general information – it is customary to frighten the downstream, but the upstream, on the contrary, are happy and these concepts are very enthusiastically discussed on forums.

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Gambling Theory and Concepts

Basic gambling concept are needed if you want to become a long term winning player. It doesn’t matter if its poker or sportbook-betting you are playing at. If you don’t know what you are doing you will end up broke.

Below we teach you the basics. Gambling is a lot of fun and it can give you a nice profit to! We believe that you need some knowledge about gambling theory to be able to succeed at the poker tables.

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Poker Player Strategy

Its important right from the beginning get to know how to play good. As a beginner poker player you need a strategy that is simple to learn and understand but still gives you an edge. Here we discuss starting hands, position and other topics that is important. We also give you a checklist that can be used for every poker hand at any level. That should cover what you need to know to be able to start playing profitable online poker. We cant guarantee it, but it worked for us.

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