Top Jakarta poker professions

The love of poker is the love of life. If you can monetize your passion, you can consider that life was a success. However, not everyone is ready to devote all their time to gambling, leaving it as a hobby. However, it is interesting to see in which professions the player’s qualities will be useful, isn’t it?

An excellent profession is obvious. Each player knows the rules of the game perfectly, notices important chips. Such knowledge should be applied as a pleasant monetary reward.


The very profession of a dealer pumps the psychological skills of a player. Such intuitively developed personalities will be welcome both by co-players and casino owners.

Those who have recently started playing the game, will  pump their skills due to this profession. A thorough study of the rules may lead to a new way to get the jackpot. For example, the chic Jakarta poker player Mizrahi started his career as a dealer, and today he is the owner of four WSOP bracelets. And this is not all. In one of the establishments, he met his love and married her.

Financial analyst

Poker and counting are inseparable, like the sun and the moon. Any player can calculate the moves and knows the combinations in advance. Why not upgrade this skill as well? The ability to quickly count is excellent and useful in life:

* Finance needs counting.

* Players like to count.

* Everything fits.

Poker and exchanges are connected, although they differ slightly in their fullness. The film “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a vivid confirmation of this.

finansial analyst

Trusts and futures, logic and quotes. Bull and bear markets. Are you intrigued? Then you can start looking for your luck in the world of finance.


A psychologist who can read eyes, gestures, and facial expressions is extremely valuable. Why turn to fortune tellers, if you can turn to you for knowledge?

Although in our society it is not accepted to consider psychology a science, nevertheless, it has the right to exist. It is psychologists who help their clients solve a problem of any level of complexity.

At the same time, it does not matter what the problem is, the main thing is that a solution will be found, and it will allow you to return to life and breathe deeply. And no one will have a shadow of doubt when the owner of such “magic” knowledge breaks the bluff in the game. Don’t you want to be a psychologist? Well, remain a player with a high level of psychology. It is also not a bad outcome.


Oh, who hasn’t dreamed of a good income and a trouble-free pension? By the way, if you are in the game, you are not bad in business. Then maybe it’s time to expand the range and be not only a gambler?

Poker players are very good at this kind of thinking. Both the player and the businessman need observation, ingenuity and risk. If you want to develop a professional streak, you need to find your niche as a table player. You need to have the capital to start, i.e. add the buy-in. And then you are a businessman, strategist, philosopher, and of course tactician. He, who doesn’t risk, doesn’t drink champagne, does he?


Over the years, we all have something to tell the world. You have already gained experience and gained wisdom. You also have offsprings to whom you can pass on all the knowledge of the family generation. Isn’t this about the romance of a lifetime?

After all, the game is the same. Not every writer is a player, and not every player becomes a writer. This requires sensitivity, the ability to cover blocks of knowledge, structure the text and have a bit of humor. Full concentration on the story, not missing the exact inclusions-chapters is another common feature of the podcast boker player and the novelist. Maybe it will be a great detective? Who knows?