Beginner at Poker

A guide to become a new poker star!

Poker and especially online texas hold’em have become the game that everyone is playing. Maybe you are an online poker player beginner. Maybe you want to learn the game and want to start to play poker online, but do not know where and how to start. We want to help you to get a quick start and learn the game of Texas Hold’em and also give you the basic strategy in a fast and simple way. We hope that you enjoy it and that it helps you to become a real money online poker winning player fast. But remember that real good poker skills comes with experience. So read our guides and then sign up at some of the pokerrooms and start playing!

We have put together an introduction to online poker, a great start for the beginner poker player. Study the following chapters:

1. Gambling – the first things you need to know about gambling
This first section are devoted to some general ideas about money management and expected value (EV). Poker is gambling and you need to understand the basics of gambling to become a money winning player. Sure poker is a skill game, but its still gambling and the goal are to take the right decisions and to minimise your mistakes.

2. Learn how to play poker!
The second chapter in our pokerschool covers the basic structure of the game. If you are a real poker beginner and not knowing the rules of poker, check this part out.

3. Beginner poker Strategy
The third chapter includes basic beginner poker strategy. Here you learn what starting hands to play, how to take advantage of the right position, how to read the board and other important poker topics.

4. Poker odds – what you need to know to play poker!
The fourth chapter is also basic knowledge in poker. But this takes you a bit further then the beginner poker players knowledge! Even if math is only one part of the game you need to know your basic statistics to play well. Therefore we give you the percentage of being dealt specific startinghands, the likelihood to improve on the flop, turn and river. And also the break even pot odds when you have a specific number of outs that you know will win your hand.

5. Poker Tournaments – playing tournaments is a chance to win big money and earn the fame and glory!
Playing tournaments is the way to become a new poker star! And its a bit different from playing normal cashgames. Here we try to provide you with some basics about how you should think when you are in a tournament. We cover strategies, early stages, late stages, heads up and Sit&Go. Sit & Go are a great way to learn how to play poker. You can buy in for very small stakes at most poker rooms and play a lot of hands for that amount. Read more at Sit & Go Expert!

6. Start playing – poker room reviews and poker bonuses
Descriptions of poker rooms pros and cons and what kind of bonuses you can get. And also check out or free page that shows you how to get money and other things for free! and also you can check out our rakeback page.  If you are getting started you can play poker games at William Hill Online. Can’t find what your looking for, ask a question.  We’ve had all kinds of questions in the past from which sites have the best UB referral code to which rooms offer the best sit n go bonuses to which tournaments are the best and everything in between.  Don’t be afraid to ask, we are here to help. 

7. Read poker books!
Poker books is a great way of studying the game of poker. Some books can actually help you to become a lot better pokerplayer in just a few hours. Sometimes it can take years for a player to find out some of the tricky secrets about poker, but if he would have read a book he would already be a head. We show you what books we believe you should read and why in our review section. We also show you how to get them for free!

The top poker sites are those that are able to provide players with real money poker in almost every variation possible. The best poker sites attract a large volume of players, making the majority of cash games active 24 hours a day.

Be a Great Poker Player

So you want to play poker and do it well? Well, we have put together a few guidelines for you. If you follow them you will probably do better. These principles apply to online poker, a cash game at the casino or at your home game. The guidelines are built upon the letters in Great Player to make them easier to remember.

Good concentration. Don’t play when you are drunk, tired or sick. Maybe you need to play to tables at the same time to stay focused on the poker game instead of the TV beside you or surfing to other sides. Take breaks, maybe 5 minutes every hour to drink something, eat something and go to the washroom.

Respect your opponents, but do not be afraid of them. A friendly GG (great game) or NH (nice hand) in the chat window can make weaker player staying longer in your game than if you scream and yell at them.

Earn money by taking the right decisions. Make your opponents make mistakes and take advantage when they do. Attack! Take initiative and force your opponents to make mistakes. When they do mistakes you earn money!

Ability to read the board and your opponents. Read how to play. How many hands do they play? What kind of hands do they play? Can the flop, turn, river have helped them?

Tilt is a disaster. As soon as you feel that you are tilting because of a bad beat or something else: Quit playing! If you are loosing money; take a break. Don’t try to win your money back, it will probably only cost you more!

Mobile poker and mobile betting in general is on the rise.  All of the games at the mobile casino have been specially adapted for the mobile phone screens. This does not take away from the excellent clear and colorful graphic quality of each game offered at the mobile casino.

Play to win, not just to kill time. Push your edges

A good way to prevent yourself from tilting when playing poker online is to have good bankroll management. This basically means that you play at a limit where you can play without caring too much when loosing. For example you should have at least 20 buy ins for playing Texas Holdem Cash Games at any level.

Lay down your hands when your instinct tells you that you are beaten, but do not fear to play a hand to showdown. Sometimes you need to make them show you that they have your beaten, but without giving too much chips away. If they think you are week the will push you out of the pots by bluffing.

Aggressive play is normally the way to go in online poker and even more in real life poker. If you play your hand aggressive you put more pressure on your opponents.

You should never ever play for money you can’t afford to lose. If you do, you are at the wrong level. You won’t make the right decisions and you will not play your best poker. Therefore if you can’t afford to lose, stick to the freerolls!

Expected value. If you understand the concept of Expected Value you will be able to make better decisions at the poker table. Read some pokerbooks or articles to understand the game better. If you try to study you will improve and finally get to become that great player you always wanted to be!

New poker players often hone their skills playing video poker which can be found in the casino games section of most Asia online casinos. There are many online casinos that use the casino entertainment software. They offer new games with stunning graphics. If you are in France, start gaming today. It’s not only a less intimidating environment, it’s a lot of fun too.

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